Mobile is not a device… it is a consumer behavior

A few weeks ago I returned from another successful Digital Dealer Conference. Of course, there were the usual educational workshops across a variety of topics and vendor exhibitions, as well as networking and product demonstrations. But there was a single statement made in one of the presentations that really stuck with me. It was this simple line: “Mobile is not a device, it’s a consumer behavior.”

I’ve heard estimates that we look at our phone over 100 times a day. Think about the last time you went without a cell phone for more than twenty-four hours. How often does that happen?

Cell phones are less and less a piece of technology and increasingly an essential part of our daily lives. We’re intimately connected to our phones, even down to the neurological level. Did you know our brain actually releases dopamine when we hear the beep of a new message?

If we really think about the idea that mobile is less a device and more a behavior, it should become obvious that automotive dealers must do a better job delivering valuable and relevant content to their prospects and current owners via their mobile devices.

I have often said that I left the big agency world because of two key forces that I believed would revolutionize automotive dealer marketing: mobile and video. This technology, coupled with a third key movement, the trend towards personalization, makes working in mobile online video an exciting place, both for me and for our company UnityWorks.

The shift to mobile isn’t happening, it happened, and the media platform dominating this explosive growth is Facebook.

First, let’s establish that Facebook is not a just social site.

Facebook is a monster media platform that reaches over 160 million US consumers who visit the site more than 14 times per day, spending an average of 50 minutes each day on the site. Facebook accounts for 40% of all internet traffic, and video continues to be the fastest growing segment of content and advertising. A staggering 75% of all mobile data will be video by 2020.

And since dealers need to focus their budgets on “in-market” automotive consumers, did you know that Facebook’s in-market automotive audience is 11 times greater than the major automotive research sites? If you didn’t, take a look at the trends and consider the future of media in the automotive industry.

I am seeing an industry beginning to wake up to the power of Facebook as a dealer advertising channel (and not just a social channel) and the power of mobile, mobile video in particular, as an explosive market opportunity that automotive dealers need to embrace to keep up with the times.

This notion of “mobile as a consumer behavior” requires new and intelligent data driven video applications to cover both sales and service messages that the consumer sees at the appropriate stage of their buying journey.

I suggest when a dealer is evaluating countless products and services from hundreds of vendors, they keep this top of mind:

  • Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.
  • Video. Video. Video.

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